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Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva 17+cm

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Narcissus Flowering Bulbs Paperwhite Ziva

This longtime favorite yields large trusses of fragrant, snow-white flowers with up to three stems per bulb. Flowers in four to six weeks after the top growth is at least 1 1/2" tall. Best potted from mid-October to early March. Top size bulbs: 17 cm/up.

Note: Cannot be shipped in freezing temperatures.

All indoor narcissi, also known as paperwhites, may be planted in soil or in pebbles with water at staggered intervals for delicately-scented flowers throughout the winter. It is also great fun for children to plant paperwhites and to watch them grow, so that they can watch the roots grow prior to the development of the stems and lovely flowers.

Potting Tips:

Pot paperwhites from mid-October through early March for fragrant indoor blooms over the winter. Prior to potting, store them at 50 to 60 degrees F in a dark, dry spot. When bulb top growth (or the nose) is about 1½" high, plant the paperwhites in soil, or pebbles and water, and place in indirect sunlight until foliage is 4" tall. Then, place them in brighter sunlight and water well for lush trusses of fragrant flowers. If they grow too tall and leggy, cut for fragrant bouquets.

Each bulb produces several, flower-bearing stems. Please make sure to keep them adequately watered throughout the duration of their bloom so that the roots do not run the risk of drying out.