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Avi Pogel, Knife Sharpener

It is often said that a kitchen knife is the chef’s most important tool.  With a passion for cooking and over 10 years experience sharpening and making knives, Avi Pogel believes this to be true. 

In contrast to a dull knife, which crushes and tears the fibers of the ingredients, a sharp knife moves easily through the food, reducing the chances of oxidation and allowing for more precise shapes of vegetables and meats. Using a sharp knife also reduces friction while cutting, resulting in less fatigue for the chef. 

 Avi recently spent two years working at Bernal Cutlery in San Francisco, one of the country’s premier culinary knife stores. With time spent both selling knives and sharpening them under the guidance of master sharpeners, he honed his sharpening skills and understanding of edge formation.  As a craftsman interested in hand-made tools, Avi also bladesmiths, having studied knife making and blade metallurgy with several master blacksmiths across the country. 

There will be a knife  sharpening demonstration at the At Home Store on Saturday, December 10 from 12pm - 2 pm. Everyone is welcome.The demonstration will cover the basics of knife geometry, proper edge formation, and characteristics of different culinary steels.  The emphasis will be on easy at-home edge maintenance using Japanese waterstones and a honing rod. Knives can be brought to the At Home store for sharpening drop-off during the demonstration, and future sharpening requests can be organized via phone/text.

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