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Corner Store in the Middle of the Block

Corner Store in the Middle of the Block

For many, the At Home Store has been the corner store in the middle of the block. Children stop by for a lollipop, some customers drop by for an after lunch bit of chocolate or ice cream, Some rush in for a new potato peeler (“I threw mine out with the carrot peels!”). Some dash in for a quick knitting fix, (“I dropped a stitch!”) or to replenish their supply of Digestives or Knackebrod. We hear “I‘m on my way to the nursing home and want to take a box of Ginger Snaps to the nurses. Or “I’m getting low on olive oil”

For others the store has been a feel good place, “I love coming in to look at all of the colors!” Or, “I just wanted to say hi, and see what’s new.”

For some the store is a gathering place, either at First Friday events, or knitting clinic or cooking demonstrations, (“What wonderful smell is coming from the At Home Store tonight?”)

Some come in for their “reach items”, something that they have been looking at, saving for, and considering, and now would like to buy.

Many customers come in once a year at holiday time, for special gifts for friends. Some carefully save up their gift certificates and rewards to use for the special gifts.

Out of towners trek in once or twice a year to Fairfield for lunch, good coffee and a shopping adventure, making a special day of it.

And some, just passing by, come in on a whim to and are surprised by what they find.

We love you all, and appreciate each and every one of you. You have become treasures in our world, and the highlight of our day. You are our reason for being, our purpose and our joy. We are both here for you, and could not exist without you. Thank you!



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