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From the Hills of Verona

"Set in the hills above Verona, the Cordioli farm grows varieties typical of the area – Grignano and Favarol – and other Italian cultivars, such as Frantoio, Itran, and Morailo. The husband (Italian) and wife (American) owners are involved with growing, harvesting, milling, and blending and take pride in their hands-on, artisinal approach to the business. Always favoring quality over quantity, they have consistently produced award-winning olive oils since 2012." - Olive Oil Times, 2023

Located in the hills above Verona, the family-run business grows varieties of olive trees native to the area, particularly Grignano, Favarol and Pendolino, and other Italian cultivars including Frantoio and Moraiolo.

Ciel Friedman and Ermino Cordioli (above)

"We are  known for our light to medium fruity oils with elegant notes characteristic of these varieties, such as citrus, green almond and freshly cut grass. With their harmonious balance between bitter and spicy, they are the true expression of Italian excellence. We belong to the small category of artisan olive growers, involved in every aspect of production, always favoring quality over quantity." - Ciel Friedman


Besides work in the groves, you are dependent on a few elements you can control, and to many more, you cannot control at all, such as the climate. It is patient work of economic commitment and, of course, time.”  - Ciel Friedman, co-owner

The Cordioli farm is set in the area of Italy known as Veneto (stretching from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea) and is where Verona, Venice and Padua are all located. Veneto was once considered the most northern region in the world to grow olive trees, with the unique location adding distinctive and surprising flavors to locally produced olive oil. 

The wide variation in the relatively small producing region, where approximately 5,000 hectares of olive trees are planted, has been recognized with four D.O.P certifications established by the European Union. 

The Cordioli’s trees populate three separate lots, each with specific cultivars, some of which thrived on Verona’s hills for centuries, including the Grignano and Favarol varieties. From each lot, the company produces a different blend.

This year’s gold inner is Campo delle Marogne, an extra virgin olive oil named after the dry stone walls known as marogne, a typical feature of the local landscape. The walls border farmland terraces, known as campo.

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