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Knitted Apple Ornaments

These simple ornaments were taught at the store in 2009 by one of our favorite knitting teachers, Jeanne McCanless. They are a fun project, and a great way to use up little scraps of yarn. 

Apple Ornament

Use smaller than usual needles to make a fabric firm enough to keep the stuffing from showing through the knitting.


Perle cotton – 000 needles

Sock yarn - #1 needles

Sport yarn - #2 needles

Worsted weight yarn - #3 needles

Vary needle size and yarn for the size of apple desired


With red, cast on 18 stitches

*Knit 18 sts, turn

Knit 14 sts, turn

Knit 12 sts, turn

Knit 14 sts, turn

Knit 16 sts, turn

Knit 18 sts, turn*

Repeat between * 10 more times and bind off.

Gather bottom (narrow end), sew seam, stuff.  Gather top.  Sew through top to bottom to “dimple” apple.

Leaves (make 2)

With green, cast on 10 stitches.

Knit 10, turn

Knit 7, turn

Knit 4, turn

Knit 6, turn

Knit 8, turn

Knit 9, turn

Knit 10, turn.  Bind off 10.


With brown, cast on 6 stitches, bind off the 6 cast on sts.


Sew stem and leaves to top of apple.  Make thread loop for hanging.

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