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Silpat Sil-Band

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The Silpat™ Sil-band is a revolutionary storage accessory for all Silpat™ and baking mat lovers alike! Storing the mats can sometimes be cumbersome, especially when you are low on storage space, the Sil-band allows you to roll one, or multiple, mats together and slap the band on to keep them together and then store neatly within a 3" space in your drawer, cupboard, cabinet, etc.! It's super easy to use, and saves so much room in your kitchen. All the mats can then be found in one handy spot, no need to fuss around trying to pull them out of the drawer or the top cabinet. All you have to do is roll, slap, and store!

Product Dimensions:

Size: 9 inches | 22.8 cm