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We love these multi-purpose scrubbies! They make clean up fast and easy, plus they're safe for almost all surfaces. 

Where you can use your scrubby:

  • The Kitchen – non-stick pots and pans, cast iron, glass/ceramic cook-tops, cookware, and even root vegetables!
  • The Bathroom – porcelain, marble and tile, and glass shower doors
  • Outdoors – Garden tools, furniture, boats and pools.

You have two great options for cleaning your scrubby:

  • Place in the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Place in the washing machine – do not put with any delicates, as your scrubby will be fine, but you nice clothing might not make it. Think towels / old clothes.

These scrubbies are cotton based with a non-plastic hardened coating.

Approximately 5″ x 6"

Please note: Colors and patterns may vary.